DSC06098   I am an artist based in Keene, N.H. I love living in New England, with its changing seasons that offer many colors and textures that serve as my inspiration. I paint colors and their relationship to other colors, how they touch and play off each other and how they can make each other shine. I enjoy painting the contrast of light and darkness, smoothness and texture, form and formlessness and movement and stillness. I paint places I have visited or imagined, as well as those places I want to rediscover.     I usually start a painting with a brief sketch in charcoal. I lay in basic forms with color washes using a large brush, followed by acrylic paint to add light and darkness using medium-sized brushes. I work quickly because I am anxious to see the finished piece. I continue adding color and detail while keeping things loose. While I work, I ask myself questions about whether the painting is holding together, whether the composition leads the eye along, whether it feels fresh and has an element of mystery and wonder. I also edit, removing elements that don’t add to the whole. Sometimes a painting needs some hints of light coming through the trees or a cool blue in the shadows to make it sing.    Most of all, I ask myself if I like it enough to look at it often. Is there something there to bring me back to wander and wonder. Are there stories to be told or just a place to get away from the rumble and tumble of every day life to a place of fullness and quite solitude.